The most effective ways to increase penis length and thickness without harm

Penis size for a man is no less important than breast size for a woman. And most representatives of both sexes are generally dissatisfied with their size. Men who consider their penis not large enough acquire serious psychological complexes. Dissatisfaction with your body is growing day by day, which leads to a loss of confidence in your abilities and a decrease in self-esteem. There are simple and affordable ways to enlarge your penis yourself at home.

Normal penis size

Increasing the size of a man's penis is only possible if it really does not correspond to the average. For Europeans, the standard size is considered to be the length of the penis from 10 to 16 cm in an erect state.

The thickness in a calm state is about 3-4 cm.If, when measuring his penis, a man finds that the dimensions correspond to the norm, there is no point in enlarging his penis.

How much can it be increased and is it necessary to do so?

If your penis size is within normal limits, you should not try to enlarge it. Help in enlarging the penis is necessary only in case of significant deviations. But you shouldn’t hope for fantastic results - as confirmed by real reviews from men, the maximum values are 1-3 cm.

Increase in length/thickness

Using various home remedies, you can independently increase your penis not only in length, but also in thickness. As a rule, it is possible to increase the size of the genital organ only by a few millimeters, and with the help of phalloplasty - up to 1-3 cm.

Basic ways to enlarge the penis

A man can increase the size of his penis through various methods

There are various ways to enlarge the penis without surgery.The most effective ways to increase male enhancement include:

  • creams and gels for topical use;
  • traditional medicine;
  • jelqing technique;
  • massage;
  • use of weights;
  • vacuum pumps and other devices.

The most effective way to increase the length of the penis is through surgery. But it is recommended to resort to surgery only in the most severe cases.

How to enlarge the penis at home

All the most popular ways to enlarge a man's penis in a short time are divided into two main groups - home and surgical.

At home, various ointments and creams, vacuum pumps and expanders, as well as traditional medicine recipes are most often used.

Traditional medicine recipes

There are many traditional medicine recipes offered by various healers and herbalists. For example, there is a known recipe with baking soda, with which you can noticeably "grow" your penis.

The essence of the method is very simple - a teaspoon of soda needs to be dissolved in a cup of water and poured over the penis. This method is not only useless, but also dangerous, as it can cause irritation and burning of the skin.

Rules for their use

Folk remedies can improve the texture of the skin of the penis, increase its elasticity and strengthen potency, but only with long-term use. A slight increase in the penis is temporary - the organ quickly returns to its original size.

Creams and gels for penis enlargement

Creams, ointments and gels accelerate blood flow to the penis, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and provide a stable erection. Some of these remedies help prolong the duration of sexual intercourse and combat premature ejaculation.

Operating principle

Gels, creams and ointments for penis enlargement contain active ingredients that increase the rate of filling of the cavernous bodies with blood. Such drugs not only activate blood circulation in the penis area, but also strengthen libido.

There are many drugs for external use that help improve the size of the penis.

Penis Enlargement Pills

On the Internet you can find a huge number of advertisements with promises of instantly enlarging your penis by several centimeters. You should not trust such pills, since not a single drug can change the genetic characteristics inherent in nature.

The only advantage of these tablets is that they saturate the body with useful substances and strengthen the reproductive system.

Use of hormone therapy

Hormonal drugs are not only useless for a small penis, but also dangerous. Such medications have many contraindications and side effects; they cause serious hormonal imbalances in the body. That is why they are prescribed only by a doctor.

How to enlarge your penis with exercises

Among the effective home methods for penis enlargement are special exercises. They must be performed strictly according to the instructions, since improper grip of the penis can cause serious harm.

Before performing the exercises, you should consult a urologist who will advise the most effective techniques.

Through massage

It is best to have an experienced specialist perform a massage to enlarge the penis.

Massage is also used for self-enlargement of the penis.Before you start massaging the penis, it is recommended to warm it up. This can be done in two ways: take a warm bath or wrap a warm towel around your thighs. This temperature effect will increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and penis, which will ensure enhanced functioning of the reproductive system.

Massage can be performed using various techniques. According to one, massage exercises should be performed in an erect state, the rest - only at rest. Which technique to choose is up to each man to decide. You can try several techniques and determine which one is more suitable and which massage results are most noticeable.

Jelqing technique

Side bending jelqing for self-enlargement of the penis

Jelqing– this is the name of the technique that helps to "stretch" the penis in length and has gained enormous popularity among men who are dissatisfied with their size. The name of the system translates as "milking" - during the massage, light and smooth movements are performed, reminiscent of milking a goat or cow.

Such exercises for penis enlargement give impressive results, but only if the massage is performed correctly. For this method to work, you should carefully study the video with massage lessons and purchase a special cosmetic product: gel or ointment that makes sliding easier.

There are many techniques for penile massage, but they have a common basis. So, you can start a massage only in a state when the erection is no more than 70%. Performing a massage with a fully erect penis is strictly prohibited, since during the manual manipulation a large amount of blood flows into it. And if it is already completely filled with blood, its additional influx will lead to pain and discomfort.

Application of loads

There are techniques that are practiced by hanging various weights from it. But it is worth remembering that the method is dangerous and can lead to injuries to the genitals and scrotum.Therefore, when hanging a load, you must be extremely careful.

Loads can only stretch the skin and cavernous bodies. But this method is not able to expand it. As before a massage, it is recommended to warm up with a wrap or warm bath procedures before this procedure.

Vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is a device that resembles a pump.The device helps to increase not only the length of the penis, but also its thickness. The device stretches the tissues of the phallus, accelerating their fusion and renewal.

The vacuum pump acts in two directions: it helps to enlarge the penis, as well as improve potency and increase libido. The pump also helps in situations where the erection is incomplete, that is, the elasticity and density of the penis is not enough for high-quality sexual intercourse.

The member is inserted into a cylinder equipped with a vacuum pump, air is pumped out from there, and pressure is generated in the cylinder. It is this pressure that helps increase blood flow, which will expand the cavernous bodies and increase it. The vacuum pump also has a drawback: although the organ grows quickly, the result does not last long. Therefore, it is advisable to use the device only before intimacy.

Surgical methods for penis enlargement

There are several surgical methods for penis enlargement. Each of them has its own characteristics.

  • Ligamentotomy- a type of surgical intervention in which the pendulous ligament of the genital organ is cut and the internal part is brought out. Thus, immediately after the operation the patient gains approximately one centimeter in length. After the operation, the man wears the extender for approximately another 3-6 months. In general, the increase reaches 1-4 cm in length. This indicator depends on the anatomical ability of each patient individually.
  • Trunk thickening surgery- a type of surgical intervention in which a piece of the patient’s muscle is taken and the trunk is wrapped with it, thereby creating additional length tissue.


Penis enlargement surgery is recommended in exceptional cases. This procedure is the most effective - it allows you not only to lengthen the phallus, but also to improve its thickness.

But the operation has a wide list of contraindications and side effects - many men experience decreased potency and loss of sensitivity when having sex. Therefore, it is carried out only for health reasons.


Another way to increase the length and thickness of the penis is implantation. This technique involves implanting your own fat under the skin or implanting implants, but in the latter case it will look and be considered an artificial penis.


Injections with hyaluronic acid help not only prolong youth, but also enlarge the male reproductive organ. The maximum result is 0. 5-1 cm, lasts up to 10-12 months.

The effectiveness of all the above methods

All conservative methods are considered effective only for temporarily increasing penis size. But you need to understand that no method will help you get magical results. The only exception is surgery and hyaluronic acid injections.

What are the fastest ways?

The fastest way to lengthen the penis is to use a vacuum pump. It allows you to enlarge the organ almost instantly, but the effect lasts no more than 60 minutes.

The vacuum pump guarantees the fastest but short-term result of penis enlargement

Which ones give the best results?

The best results are obtained with injections of hyaluronic acid, accompanied by a minimum number of side effects. Injections enlarge the organ up to 1 cm. The resulting result lasts up to 12 months.

Safety rules when trying to enlarge the penis

When using various methods of penis enlargement at home, you must be extremely careful.

Under no circumstances should you rub your penis too hard or hang heavy weights on it. This can cause serious harm and damage blood vessels.


There are many ways to increase the size of your manhood at home. When using such recipes, be sure to consult a doctor so as not to harm the body.