Usage instructions Erogen X

Gel to increase penis Erogen X is a leader in its segment. Using the gel gives lasting results and saves men from complexes and problems in sexual life. To achieve maximum effect, apply the gel in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Erogen X ensures a noticeable increase of a member after the first week of use.

Indications for the use of the gel may be dissatisfaction with penis size, early ejaculation, decreased sensitivity during intercourse, lack of orgasm in female partners. The gel is able to effectively solve all these problems and to provide a bright and long orgasm for both partners.

Instructions for use: how to use gel Erogen X

An important condition to achieve the desired result – daily use gel Erogen X

An important condition to achieve the desired result – the everyday use. In systemic approach, the accumulation in the tissues of the body the necessary substances for the growth of the penis and its erectile function.

Apply the gel twice a day on previously cleaned and dried genital area. Massage the gel with light massaging movements along the length of the shaft. Wait for complete drying of the gel, then put on clean underwear. Within 10-120 minutes, You will feel the effect of the gel, while creating the appropriate atmosphere the possibility of an erection.

You can use a remedy before intercourse – it will help to increase sensitivity, intensify orgasm, prolong the contact time and to bring a woman unearthly pleasure.

Increase of a member will begin during the first week of use. The average member is increased by 1-1. 5 cm weekly and up to 7 centimeters per month. Recommended duration of use of the gel for one month. Apply means courses 2-3 times per year.

Contraindications to the use of funds

Gel to increase penis Erogen X created by a unique biotechnology and consists entirely of natural ingredients. Side effects after using not observed, contraindications to the use of funds available. Do not use gel if You have hypersensitivity to the individual components of the tools. Do not apply gel to broken or inflamed skin. Do not give the remedy to children. Do not expose the gel to high temperatures, store it in a dry, protected from light.

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